Time to Change Jobs?

Hey Fatties, it’s time for a change!

I’m hearing this question a lot, “should I change jobs?” It is no secret that the workforce under the age of 40 tends to change jobs frequently. In fact, I have read studies that suggest up to 40-45% of us change jobs every 12-36 months – so, freakin’, what!! That’s not our problem, it’s our employer’s problem.

It is obvious that we will never agree on a single reason that drives us to change jobs but we can sum it up in a few categories. If you are experiencing any of these, it could be a good time to peace out!

  1. Lack of satisfaction or advancement– The baby boomer generation is far more tolerant doing crappy jobs. I mean no harm in this, it is just a statement of fact and I won’t get into what research says about this. However, I am not okay with this, and you all know, this sucks. Frankly, I believe this is our employers problem but they just can’t seem to figure it out. Very rarely would I suggest that someone stay in a job or with a company that does not provide fulfilment or opportunities to advance. Screw that! We spend too much of our lives working, let’s not waste it doing something that does not satisfy us. Unless you are making a stupid amount of money or the prospects to, GET OUT!
  2. Financial motivators–  This rarely sits well but let’s face it, we are getting paid to satisfy our shareholders and bosses. It kind of sounds like an acceptable form of prostitution, doesn’t it? Since we can all agree that money matters, this should be a very real factor to consider when deciding whether it’s time to change. After all, this concept of strengthening our financial health was the main reason FatStakk was started in the first place. Things are not getting cheaper and we generally don’t work for kicks and giggles, so if you are not compensated well or as well as you should be, it’s time to look. One thing to remember; you should target about a 10-20% increase to change jobs. Keep this in mind during your quest for a fatter stakk (more money)!
  3. Awful boss/client or lack of recognition– No way is this deficiency sustainable for a long period unless of course, you are swimming in cash. Like the first driver, this can be intolerable. I have a rule of thumb; I maintain two buckets that motivate me, a BS bucket and a money bucket. Whichever bucket fills up first, drives my decision. In other words, if the money is good enough, I will tolerate a bad manager or client (for a time). When I finished college, I had one goal in mind, reach financial independence as quick as possible. This would obviously require some sacrifices which may include working for a jerk, but you can only take so much. I always suggest setting limits and once those are reached, time to go.
  4. Change in interest– Let’s face it, sometimes we just need a change in scenery. There is no shame in this, and it can often springboard us into something that can be more fulfilling and more lucrative. There are some challenges that may arise when we are seeking significant changes in industry, discipline, etc. but these can be managed with proper research, preparation and likely, a little patience. So if you have an itch, maybe it’s time to scratch it.

So Fatties, if you have been in your current job for more than a year and are getting restless, there is NOTHING wrong with you! Whatever your motivation, remember a little introspection and planning will go a long way to ensure you land a better gig and likely more cheddar.

I want to hear from you, what is driving your need for a change?

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